photo-1460688319791-19e8856a8ff0A water flosser is an electronic flossing device that uses water to remove and eliminate any food leftovers and plaque on the teeth from interdental gaps and the sulcus (gap between teeth and gum, which is very small). Although very useful, it’s not meant to replace a tooth brush or any type of proper dental care. A water flosser is meant to get any leftovers or soft stubborn plaque build-up, that need to be manually removed, with water pressure. To get the best results, brushing your teeth regularly and using a water flosser will improve your oral health significantly.

A water flosser works by generating enough force from pulsating water to thoroughly clean your mouth and teeth.

It’s the ideal tool for harder to clean areas of the mouth and people that wear braces. Because of its slight pressure and its flexibility, a water flosser can reach any section of the mouth where as a piece of floss string can only reach your front set of teeth.

Those new to water flossing may feel uncomfortable about the idea. You should know that water flossers are much more comfortable than your average dental floss. In fact, many come with a massage setting to relax your teeth and gums. Massaging your gums and cleaning every inch of your mouth makes this tool vastly superior to your regular floss string.

While people used to believe water flossers only pushed bacteria around, studies have proven otherwise.The way a water flosser is designed to hit the tooth (water pressure, angle, and just overall) totally refutes this theory. These are simply the best mouth care tool to replace your painful and outdated flossing string. You can find some of the best deals on water flossers here!

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