Cleaning Your Water FlosserAfter most people experience the wonderful sensation of using a water flosser and then can’t quite figure out how to clean the thing, they come to us! We get it, you’re used to throwing away flossing string right after it’s served its purpose but how do you clean this superior device? One thing is clear, if you don’t clean your water flosser, then you can start to lose water pressure and effectiveness. Don’t worry; we have just the answer you’re looking for.

Cleaning a water flosser is actually a lot easier than you think and you can clean it in a matter of minutes if you follow the simple set of steps below.

Steps to Cleaning Your Water Flosser

Let’s start by cleaning the water reservoir. Remember to remove all tips and accessories first.

  • Remove the tank from the water flosser unit.
  • Clean the valve (where the two pieces connect) by running it under warm water.
  • Set the tank in the upper-section of your dishwasher or simply clean it by hand in the sink with warm water and a clean sponge/hand-towel.

Now let’s start cleaning the internal workings of your favorite oral health tool.

  • Mix together a solution f 2 ounces of white vinegar and 16 ounces of warm water in a separate bowl.
  • Fill your newly cleaned tank with this solution and run half of it through the flosser.
  • Place the handle upside-down and let the remaining solution drain for the next 15-20 min.
  • Run the remaining solution through the water flosser just as you did before, until empty.
  • Rinse the tank with warm water 2-3 times
  • Fill the water flosser with warm water and run through the entire thing until clean.

To clean the tips, individually remove them and let them soak in a solution of hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar for 6-8 minutes. After that, simply rinse them in warm water as well.

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