After hearing the news that regular flossing isn’t proven to do much, you might be wondering what you should be using instead. One of the most popular answers is water flosser or “oral irrigator.”

The concept for this machine is quite simple. You have a device that pulses concentrated streams of water in and around your mouth. The pressure from this water removes food and germs that can cause bacteria and eventually lead to mouth disease as well.

At this point, you might be thinking “If flossing with dental floss was a flop, why should this be any different?” The answer is pretty simple. You have years of data from reputable sources and over 50 clinical trials that all point to the same thing. Water flossers are proven to kill 99.99 percent of bacteria in your mouth.Still Skeptical About Water Flossers?

This is amazing if you consider how quickly and easily this machine runs through your mouth. In a matter of seconds, water pulses can clean through your teeth and gums. If you were a regular dental floss user, then you probably know the pain and time-consuming nature that simply makes these bits of string obsolete.

One of the founding directors of the USV Center for Biofilms claims that it’s nearly impossible to see harmful plaque biofilm because of its translucency. However, in seconds, a water flosser used regularly can help you avoid this plaque altogether.

Today, water flossers can be combined with chemicals that can clean your teeth even better and there are hundreds of models if you want to try one for a cheaper price, then upgrade to a better model later.

The truth is water flossers are a respected instrument and have proven themselves time and again to improve oral health and maintain beautiful white teeth and healthier gums.

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