Probably one of the most frustrating things about getting started with water flossers is the setup. If you don’t have everything just right it might not work. Worse, you might blast the whole area with water. So how do you avoid the mess and the frustration that comes with setting up water flossers / oral irrigators with a reservoir setup?Setting up Reservoir Water Flossers

First, we are exaggerating a bit. Setup isn’t too difficult and it’s much the same wherever you go. The most common and abundant model is the Waterpik Aquarius. Many of the other brands use the same model to make their systems too.

It’s not too difficult to set one of these devices up. You just have to follow all the instructions to the letter.

To give you a rough idea on how to do this, follow the simple steps below.

Setting up a Water Flosser

  • Fill the reservoir (tank) with lukewarm water.
  • Make sure to place the reservoir back into its setting, connected to the flosser. You will probably hear a click or snapping noise to suggest that it’s firmly connected.
  • Choose the tip and pressure settings using the dial on the flosser.
  • Make sure you lean over your sink before you turn the water flosser on, this will allow water to flow out of your mouth.
  • You will simply start from the back of your teeth and move to the front, hold the “On button” to pulsate water from the tip.
  • After you finish this process, simply turn off the water flosser and eject the tip with the button on the handle.

A water flosser is a tool that’s effortless to use. You can have one of these machines up and running in your home in a matter of minutes. Even better, once you have the flosser set up, it takes moments to clean your teeth so you can continue with your day!

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