Choosing the Best Water PressurePeople, that constantly suffer from sensitive teeth and gums are all asking the same question, “What is the best/ optimal setting for water flossers?” Well, it really depends on what you can handle and how clean you want your teeth and gums.

Sensitive mouth issues are one of the most irritating problems, from eating hard food to the feeling of ice-cold water rushing past your teeth. By now, you want a way to avoid the pain that comes with normal flossing but still want the result to be spectacular. That’s why you purchased a water flosser, after all.

Some of the cheaper devices don’t have too many options, but what you do when you choose the top-of-the-line model and you do have some options to choose from? Experts suggest a nice range that you need to play around with to find just the right amount.

Water Flosser PSI

The best water pressure is right between 20-60 psi. Many go all the way up to 100 PSI but this might be a little too harsh for you. That’s why we recommend trying out these lighter ranges for your sensitive teeth and gums. Start at the lowest possible setting and work your way up. This will allow you to find a nice relaxing setting and still have the power you need to completely wipe out bacteria that’s developing in your mouth.

Now, this might require a little research on your part. Not all water flossers are built the same. You might find that “low” settings to one brand might mean “high” to another.

The user manual that came with your water flosser should be able to tell you the PSI of the different settings. If you threw out the manual, you can also do a quick Google search for the manual. Just enter the make and model of your water flosser and you will probably find a digital copy of the guide that came with it.

Water flossers are the perfect tool and they can help people with sensitive mouths.

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