The Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser comes with six interchangeable nozzles, 10 water pressure settings, and has a capacity of 600ml. So why is this beast of a water flosser available for such a low price? While the design comes with many extra accessories, the fundamental design and functionality of the water flosser are pretty simple. However, even if this model isn’t as powerful as some of the 100 dollar flosser that is currently on the market, the extra settings are amazing to say the least. Even the most expensive flossers typically include only three different pressure settings. To learn more about this water flosser, just read the review below.

What You Get with the Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser

  • TWO BUILT IN TIMERS – Automatic Timer, shuts the water flosser off automatically after two minutes of flossing; Interval Timer, a 30 second timer that allows you to clean all four quadrants of your mouth evenly.
  • DEEP TEETH CLEANING- With powerful pulsation (1,400 Pulses/Minute), the water flosser is more effective at removing plaque and debris than regular flossing. The powerful pulsation also helps to improve gum health by massaging and stimulating gums to improve circulation.
  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE SETTINGS – Includes 10 water pressure settings to help accommodate everyone’s oral health needs. For people with sensitive gums or just starting to floss, the lower settings are perfect to get you adjusted! The higher pressure settings are great for removing any debris that is stuck and for blasting plaque away!

Who Should Use the Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser

The Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser is a solid machine that could easily replace your average dental floss routine. This water flosser not only has 10 different pressure settings to find your ideal comfort level, but also has some pretty powerful water pressure at maximum to boot.

This model boasts a 1400 pulse per minute rate of cleaning, which is probably the best you will find for this price range.

While some don’t like this design because it takes up a lot of counter space in the bathroom, as long as you don’t mind the size, you will be a getting a great machine for the price.

To learn more about this model, just follow the link below.


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