Poseidon Inductive Rechargeable Oral IrrigatorPoseidon, king of the ocean has come to show you the right way to clean your teeth this year. The new Poseidon Inductive Rechargeable Oral Irrigator is a great tool to replace your string flossing routine and kill up to 99.9 percent of bacteria in your mouth with no effort on your part. If you’re someone that struggles to remember flossing and contestably get bad news at the dentist, then this product can help you. Water flossers are designed to stream high-powered bursts of water through your mouth to ensure every inch is clean. The NEW Poseidon Inductive Rechargeable Oral Irrigator is a great model to start with. To learn more, read the guide below.

What Comes with the Poseidon Inductive Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

  • Combines brushing and flossing units in one device for comprehensive everyday cleaning which is EFFECTIVE AT REMOVING PLAQUE, great for everyday cleaning.
  • Quick assembly and easy to operate.
  • Charging base frees up bathroom counter space and outlets for maximum mobility.
  • The Oral Irrigator includes 3 color-coded tips to choose comfort and strength.
  • The sleek and compact design looks great in any bathroom.

Why Invest in the Poseidon Inductive Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

The first and best reason to invest in a water flosser is to protect your oral health. In general, water flossers have been proven clinically more successful at eliminating plaque than flossing string. You also save a lot of time and money over the year by making the switch.

Not only is this device a great way to get started with water flossers but it also comes with multiple tips so you can find a fit that comfortable for you.

There’s no need for complicated manuals and you can take it anywhere you need to go. You can start to have cleaner, healthier teeth with the click of a button.

Learn more about this water flosser model by following the link below.

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