The SMAGREHO DS2000 Dental SPA Water Jet Oral Irrigator Flosser Tooth Care Whiten Cleaner Water Pick Set is the best way to use a water flosser without taking up a lot of counter space in your bathroom. The SMAGREHO Water Jet Oral Irrigator Flosser hooks up directly to your faucet and provides you with the attachments you need to keep your teeth and gums in perfect condition. You also save a bit of money, instead of buying a traditional water flosser too. If you’re interested in learning more about this water flosser, simply continue reading the guide below.

What Comes with the SMAGREHO DS2000 Dental SPA?

  • No need for electricity, easy to install in the sink, help you to effectively clean your mouth in the morning, after meals and at bedtime.
  • Copper water separator to ensure the process you use will not easily leak, suitable for most faucets
  • Patented pressurized nozzle can stably produce 0.6MM DC pulse of water,2100 pulses per minute.
  • Package contains different types of nozzles and toothbrush heads can remove debris and bacteria lodged between teeth and below the gum-line
  • Powered by water, noiseless, convenient and hygienic is used in home, traveling and outdoor camping

Who Should get the SMAGREHO DS2000 Dental SPA

If you’ve taken the time to look through the items that come with the SMAGREHO DS2000 Dental SPA, you will see that the copper separator and various other features make this system as practical in function as it is in price.

The SMAGREHO DS2000 Dental SPA water flosser best serves people looking to save some counter space with their bathrooms and need a flosser that packs as much power as the ones with a traditional water chamber as well.

The best features of this model are its water pressure settings and the pulses you will get per minute. The design of this flosser is excellent and you will be paying half the cost of a traditional flosser for a powerful machine.

To read more about this water flosser and shop around for the best price, just follow the link below.


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