Power and performance like you’ve never seen before. The Hydroblast Pro Cordless Water Flosser is the ultimate tool to help you care for your teeth and gums the right way. This small device packs a lot of power for such a low price as well. While you may not have the same level of service and support with brands like WaterPik, Tristar Products certainly doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to quality. If you’re just starting out with water flossers, then this model is definitely worth a try. To learn more about this water flosser and the best place to buy it, then read the guide below.

What You Get with the Hydroblast Pro Cordless Water Flosser

  • Get to those areas where ordinary floss can’t with the HydroBlast Pro.
  • Gives you an excellent, pain-free deep clean.
  • Delivers 1600 burst of water per minute.
  • Fill it with your favorite mouthwash for an extra fresh mouth.
  • Ideal for those with limited strength mobility issues.

Who Should Try the Hydroblast Pro Cordless Water Flosser

This flosser is really for people that are new to water flossing and looking to try it out at a low cost without spending a lot of money on more quality brands. While it does have the power to contend with some of the top names, the support for this device is not as well-developed as with WaterPik and other top brands that you might look into in the future. If you’re happy with this product and use it for a few years, you should definitely look into the more expensive models.

This model is great for people that want to dip their toe in the water and could potentially be the first and last water flosser that you buy because the quality of this machine and its gentle water pulses are certainly there.


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