The average cost of a water flosser is around 40 dollars, but what if you don’t want to spend that much money one something you have never used? Well, you have a few options open to you. The Dental Care Water Flosser is one of the cheapest, yet most reliable, models currently on the market and you can have your own for fewer than 10 dollars. This model is perfect for people that just want to try water flossers and don’t want to spend the full amount. Now, there are a few tradeoffs as well and you can read more about this water flosser by reading the guide below.

What Comes with the Dental Care Water Flosser

  • Jet water away plaque, food debris, and bacteria from in between your teeth using our water pick flosser- much more effective and sensitive than string floss.
  • Engineered to be battery-less and without cords- uses air technology to create a jet stream, ideal for travel.
  • Specially designed low profile tip is meant to reach the back of your teeth and maintain all areas of your teeth clean.
  • You can also add mouthwash to water for a fresher experience.
  • 5 Year Warranty, buy risk-free.

Who Should Use the Dental Care Water Flosser

As stated above, this model if perfect for people that just want to try water flossers before they invest in a traditional model.
The benefits of the Dental Care Water Flosser are that you can take it anywhere and it is extremely cheap to get one.
That being said, they are a lot weaker than a traditional model that has its own water chamber and it runs on lower pulsation settings.

While it does come with a warranty, it doesn’t include different pressure settings, which may be an issue if you suffer from sensitive teeth and gums.

With all that being said, this is a quality machine that can easily replace your regular dental floss and serve as a stepping stone for more powerful water flossers in your future.


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